Wombat Kid’s Story Book – Wazzie’s little Adventure


Wazzie’s little Adventure is an Australian Animal Picture Book. This Wombat Kid’s Story Book is Australian Made & Owned! The illustrated kids story book is about a wombat joey growing up. It reflects the unique Australian wildlife and nature. Additionally, this picture book is available as Glossy Paper Book and Flip eBook Digital Download. It’s educational, cute & funny. The art work is glossy, bright & colourful

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About Wazzie’s little Adventure – Wombat Children’s Book

This is a cute Wombat Children’s Book. In short, it’s a story about Wazzie the wombat. Firstly, he is still living in his mother’s pouch. After that, he grows older and learns about his environment. Other Australian animals are included in the children’s picture story. 

Details about Wazzie’s little Adventure  

Firstly, a wombat mother is emerging from her burrow. Wazzie is still living in her pouch. She is needs to eat for her joey to grow strong.

Finally, Wazzie is venturing outside. As a result, the wombats are leaving to find food. His mother is teaching Wazzie what he needs to know about being a wombat. He is learning what and how to eat. 

Later, the pair gets a fright by a dingo in the distance. As a result, they are disappearing quickly. Back at the burrow, mum is teaching Wazzie to dig tunnels. He is trying to dig and ends up covered in sand. The wombat joey learns that their cube poos getting placed around the burrow. entrance to mark their territory.

Later on, Wazzie is spotting cockatoos in the tree. Bluey, the kookaburra is sitting on a branch. An emu is strolling by with his chicks. Mum explains that they can run really fast. Meanwhile, she encourages them to test how fast they can run home.

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