Where is Croaky?


Where is Croaky? is a Children’s Frog Picture Book about Green Tree frogs. It’s Australian Made & Owned! and reflects the unique Australian wildlife and nature in its funny illustrations. In addition, this Australian kids story is available as a Glossy Paper Book and Flip eBook Digital Download. It’s funny, cute & educational. The humorous artwork is glossy, bright & colourful

12 Australian book titles available! Very popular! 

About Where is Croaky? Children’s Frog Picture Book

This funny story is about a Green Tree frog searching for his friend. He is looking for Croaky in many different locations. The Australian Green Tree frog is native to northern and eastern parts of Australia. Additionally, a number of other native animals are included in this cute children’s story book, such as Cassy the cassowary from Cassy’s Tale

Details about Where is Croaky?  

A Green Tree frog called Gilbert is searching for his friend Croaky. Cassy, the cassowary chick says she has not seen him. Later, when Gilbert arrives at the local pond, he finds the other frogs hiding from a kingfisher. Croaky is not one of them. So where is he? Gilbert continues his search in various places, including a down pipe on a house, a toilet cistern and pots and pans on a kitchen wall. Finally, the friends are reunited. The illustrations are very humorous and include many Green Tree frogs, caterpillars on a fence, a gecko, Rainbow lorikeet, Cairns Birdwing and a Ulysses butterfly. Furthermore, many tropical rainforest plants including Licuala palms, Tree ferns, vines, palms and ferns are featured. 

Other book titles of evabooks are:

Cassy the cassowary in Cassy’s Tale, Bobby the Tree Kangaroo, Nipper the Crocodile, Paddles the Platypus, Shelly the Sea Turtle, Lyssie the Butterfly (Ulysses butterfly), Who is Laughing? (kookaburra), Spikey’s Day Out (echidna), Fuzzy the Koala, Wazzie’s little Adventure, Tippy the Kangaroo



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