Shelly the Sea Turtle


Shelly the Sea Turtle is a Sea Turtle Kids Book. The Australian children’s story picture book reflects the beautiful tropical ocean life of the Great Barrier Reef. Its amazing art work is outstanding and colourful. Also, it’s Australian Made and Owned! In addition, it’s available as a Glossy Paper Book and Flip eBook Digital Download. Above all, it’s educational, cute & funny. The illustrations are glossy, bright & colourful.

12 Australian book titles available! Very popular!

About Shelly the Sea Turtle Kids Book 

This Sea Turtle Kids Book begins with turtles hatching at the beach. Shelly is one such hatchling. She explores the tropical ocean and has many adventures. The book features colourful artwork of corals and fishes of the Great Barrier Reef. Other evabooks characters are from Nipper the Crocodile and Cassy the cassowary from Cassy’s Tale.   

Details about Shelly the Sea Turtle

At the beach, baby turtles are hatching out of their eggs and cassowaries are watching. The hatchlings are crawling into the tropical sea. Shelly is eager to explore and has adventures on her journey. As a result, she finds many interesting things including a shipwreck. In the turtles kids book, Shelly spots a crocodile. Clearly, she gets a big fright, which is humorously illustrated. The art work is of many beautiful fish, like clown fish, crabs, jelly fish, angel and lion fish. Apart from this, sea snakes, dolphins, sea anemone, clam shell, sea grass and brilliant corals are featured. Later, a moray eel is peeking at Shelly from a shipwreck’s porthole. This results in her surfacing. She spots sky divers and kayaks in the Coral Sea. Later on, as an adult, Shelly will return to lay her own eggs on the beach where she had hatched.

Other book titles of evabooks are:

Cassy’s Tale (endangered cassowary), Where is Croaky? (tree frog), Bobby the Tree Kangaroo, Nipper the Crocodile, Paddles the Platypus, Lyssie the Butterfly (Ulysses butterfly),Who is Laughing? (kookaburra), Spikey’s Day Out (echidna), Wazzie’s little Adventure, Fuzzy the Koala and Tippy the Kangaroo


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