Cassy’s Tale


Cassy’s Tale is a Cassowary Children’s Story Book and Australian Made & Owned! The cassowary is an endangered flightless bird, which is protected. The kids book reflects the unique Australian wildlife and nature in its beautiful illustrations. It’s available as a Glossy Paper Book and Flip eBook Digital Download. Above all, it’s educational, funny & cute. The outstanding art work is glossy, bright & colourful.

12 Australian book titles available! Very popular!

About Cassy’s Tale Cassowary Children’s Story Book

This Cassowary kids picture book is about a cassowary chick from the moment she hatches. Her father teaches her about the rainforest, food and cyclones. Their habitat is Tropical North Queensland, Australia. It’s a threatened species and protected. Additionally, other Australian animals are included. It’s a very cute kids story. Great illustrations of the diversity of the Australian rainforest are also included.

Details about Cassy’s Tale 

The cassowary children’s story book begins with a cassowary chick hatching out of her egg. Her proud father is watching. In nature, male cassowaries tend their young. Cassy learns to walk and discovers her powerful legs. Clearly, she enjoys jumping up trying to catch butterflies. Dad shows Cassy how to push through dense rainforest. The cassowary chick is amazed by the colourful rainforest fruits, and learns that they are good to eat. Later on, Cassy trips over a log. It’s a fallen tree from the last cyclone. Subsequently, dad takes the opportunity to explain about the destruction caused by cyclones. But now the rainforest has regrown and Cassy can be seen following the trail of colourful berries.

Other Australian animals in this kids book include pythons, green tree snakes, green tree frogs, frog-mouth owls, Rainbow lorikeets, flying foxes, Cairns Birdwing butterflies, Ulysses butterflies, Azure Kingfishers and Sulphur Crested cockatoos. Tropical rainforest plants featured include Licuala Palms, Tree ferns, stag horn ferns, birds nest ferns and many more.


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