Nipper the Crocodile


Nipper the Crocodile is a crocodile children’s story book and AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED!

The illustrated story is about the Australian saltwater crocodile and reflects the unique wildlife and habitat of unique northern Australia. Additionally, it’s available as a glossy paper book and Flip eBook digital download.

The Australian wildlife kids’ story book is educational, cute & funny. Also, the art work is glossy, bright & colourful.



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About Nipper the Crocodile Children’s Story Book


Foremost, this Australian wildlife kids’ story book is about a crocodile mother caring for her hatchlings. She is helping the hatchlings to get safely to the river. The Saltwater crocodile’s habitat is Northern Australia. Also, other Australian wildlife from EVA BOOKS reappear, such as Cassy the cassowary from Cassy’s Tale and Croaky the green tree frog from Where is Croaky?



Details about Nipper the Crocodile


The crocodile children’s story book is about a mother caring for her hatchlings. Suddenly, she hears calling noises from her nest at the river bank. This means her baby crocodiles are hatching. Sound words like umph, rustle and crack make reading the book even more fun. 

A kingfisher is sitting near the bank on a branch. rainbow lorikeets are peeking at the baby crocodiles hatching. Then, the crocodile mother is helping her hatchlings to get out of the eggs. Carefully, she carries them to the water on her back and in her mouth. Nipper is one of the hatchlings and is happy to be riding in the safety of her jaws. 

From a distance, cassowaries are watching, which are characters from Cassy’s Tale. Cassy’s father warns her to only admire crocodiles from a safe distance. The Saltwater crocodile’s habitat is Northern Australia. 

Crocodiles are great swimmers and can leap high out of the water. Therefore, Nipper is trying to copy his mother by leaping totally out of the water. His legs are going in all directions. Croaky and his green tree frog friends are sitting on nearby lily pads. Croaky is a reappearing character from Where is Croaky?

After a long and exhausting day, the crocodile family finds shelter amongst the mangroves. Nipper is reflecting on the fun day and wondering about adventures in the future. 

Beautiful illustrations of a crab, heron, dragon fly, water lilies and mangroves are included. Also, a Ulysses and Cairns Birdwing butterfly from Lyssie the Butterfly reappear.  


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