Koala Wildlife Kids’ Book – Fuzzy the Koala


Fuzzy the Koala is an Australian animal picture book. This koala wildlife kids’ book is


The illustrated children’s book is about a cute koala joey. It reflects the unique Australian wildlife and nature. Additionally, this picture book is available as a glossy paper book and Flip eBook digital download. It’s educational, cute & funny. The art work is bright & colourful. 



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About Fuzzy the Koala – Koala Wildlife Kids’ Book


In short, it’s a children’s book about Fuzzy the Koala. Firstly, he is in his mother’s pouch. After that, he grows older and wants to explore. Later, he meets up with his friend, Mika. Numbers from 1 to 10 are included for learning to count. In addition, other Australian animals are included in this koala wildlife kids’ book. Koalas are unique animals. They are marsupials and are native to Australia. 


Details about Fuzzy the Koala


The koalas are waking up. They are hanging in various positions in the gum trees. (Eucalyptus trees). A mother koala is climbing around the branches. Fuzzy is resting in his mother’s pouch. The other koalas are eating leaves.

Fuzzy’s mother carries him on her back. Bluey is watching, which is a character from a previous book: Who is Laughing?

Later, Fuzzy has grown larger. He wants to venture out and play with his friend Mika. They decide to meet on the ground. After that, a cockatoo pops his head out of a hole in the tree trunk. Subsequently, a frightened Fuzzy slips and dangles on a branch. Safely at the bottom of the tree, the friends decide to play hide and seek. They are using the numbers one to ten for counting down. 

Fuzzy is snuggling up in his mother’s arms. He is feeling safe to go to sleep.

Included are other illustrations, which are of kookaburras, pink and grey galahs (cockatoos), a frilled-neck lizard as well as beautiful eucalyptus trees, blossoms and gum nuts. This Australian animal picture book is endearing and educational. 



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