Australian Wildlife Children’s Books

These Australian wildlife children’s books are AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED

Whale Kid's Story Book
Children’s Picture Story Books
Children's Picture Story Books
Tree Kangaroo Kids Book - Bobby the Tree Kangaroo
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Crocodile Children's Story Book - Nipper the Crocodile

Australian Wildlife Children’s Books 

Proudly AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED – Australian Wildlife Children’s Books


Children's Picture Story Books


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I have lots of exciting news to tell you about my Australian wildlife children’s books!
Following the success of my first two kids’ books  –  Cassy’s Tale  and  Where is Croaky?  –  I am pleased to announce the creation of eleven additional Australian wildlife kids’ books. These beautifully illustrated animal story books are educational & cute. The art work is bright & colourful.

Also, my existing website – EVA BOOKS – is the location for all existing and further publications. I am also proud to announce that all my books are AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED! Books are printed on paper made from SUSTAINABLE FORESTS. Books sold on this website will be signed by me.


How it all began… Australian Wildlife Children’s Books


For those who don’t already know me, here’s a brief summary of who I am and what my Australian wildlife children’s books are about – and what makes me tick! 

I live in beautiful Mission Beach in the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland, Australia. The tropical rainforest, its animals and plants, as well as the ocean, fish life and coral reef, are the inspirations for my books. I like to merge educational facts into my fictional stories, which are all written and illustrated by me. I’m originally from Germany, but now I’m a dinky-di Aussie and raised four children in paradise. My friend Sharon inspired my first book, saying: “Mission Beach needs a book about our endangered cassowaries!” That’s how Cassy’s Tale was born! If you don’t already know it, Mission Beach is one of the world’s most important cassowary habitats. Unfortunately cassowaries are a threatened and endangered species.


And then… Australian Wildlife Children’s Books


Cassy’s Tale is my first kids’ book out of my Australian wildlife children’s books series. It’s about a cassowary chick hatching from her egg in the Australian tropical rainforest. The cassowary father teaches his chick about the environment, food sources and cyclones. Thankfully, Cassy’s Tale became popular and it wasn’t long before local Information centres, book stores and newsagents were stocking the book – and selling out! (By the way, I decided that a percentage of proceeds from Cassy’s Tale would be donated to cassowary conservation groups).


Having so much fun with illustrating and writing resulted in… Australian Wildlife Children’s Books


The success of Cassy’s Tale inspired me to release a second book, Where is Croaky? which is the story of a green tree frog looking for his friend. First of all, the inspiration was sparked by a funny encounter with green tree frogs. Not only were they hiding behind hanging cooking pots, in addition, it was their home. Furthermore, I experienced another really funny encounter. Heaps of green tree frogs were living inside a toilet cistern, and thus Where is Croaky? was born.   
One of the joys of living in the wet tropics is that we share life with some wonderful creatures! I guess it’s difficult not to get inspired, living where we do!
Children's Picture Story Books
It’s a great way for children to learn about our environment in which they live. Undoubtedly, they get inspired, and have the desire to care.

I am having so much fun creating books about the Australian wildlife!!!



  1. Cassy’s Tale – endangered cassowary
  2. Where is Croaky? – green tree frog
  3. Bobby the Tree Kangaroo
  4. Nipper the Crocodile
  5. Paddles the Platypus
  6. Shelly the Sea Turtle 
  7. Lyssie the Butterfly – Ulysses butterfly caterpillar – VIDEO CLICK HERE
  8. Who is Laughing? – kookaburra
  9. Spikey’s Day Out – echidna
  10. Fuzzy the Koala
  11. Tippy the Kangaroo
  12. Wazzie’s little Adventure
  13. Nadaria and Mali – whale


Something special… Children’s Picture Story Books 


I had the privilege to meet Bob Irwin at the World Cassowary Day in Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia. I told him about my kookaburra book – Who is Laughing? – which was in progress at the time. Bob Irwin suggested the kookaburra’s name “Bluey” for this bird book and thus, Bluey was born.  

I have been privileged to do book readings at schools and libraries. In addition, I have done writing and illustrating workshops at schools, as well as book signings at various places e.g. Angus & Robertson and Collins Booksellers. My first two books were listed as Bestseller for the month in August 2010 at Collins Booksellers. Radio interviews and newspaper articles can be checked out in the above Media tab. 

Readers will now be able to purchase both existing and future books online, as Glossy Paper Book and Flip eBook Download. Check out pictures and videos on my Instagram feed below. So please keep checking in. 

Thank you for your time and I hope you and your children enjoy my books and learn about our beautiful Australian wildlife.

Happy reading