Kangaroo Children’s Book – Tippy the Kangaroo

Kangaroo Kids Story Book | Tippy the Kangaroo

Tippy the Kangaroo is a unique Australian wildlife children’s book. This kangaroo kids’ story book is about the different species of kangaroo.


The book reflects the amazing Australian wildlife and nature in its beautiful illustrations. Additionally, this picture book is available as a glossy paper book and Flip eBook digital download. It’s educational, cute & funny. The artwork is bright & colourful.



Very popular!


About Tippy the Kangaroo – Kangaroo Children’s Book


In short, it’s a kid’s story book about the different species of kangaroo. The Red kangaroos want to meet up with their cousins. But, it’s too far to travel to meet up. As a result, the kangaroos are meeting up via video calls. Their habitat is all over Australia and its Islands. Other marsupials are included. It’s a very cute kid’s story. Included are great illustrations of the diversity of the Australian landscape.

Likewise, Bobby the Tree Kangaroo from one of my other books is reappearing.



Details about Tippy the Kangaroo 


Firstly, a mob of Red kangaroos are grazing in outback Australia. Above all, this kangaroo children’s book is about a Red kangaroo joey, called Tippy. In short, he wants to meet his cousins. Due to great distances, it’s not possible. His mother suggests making video calls instead. As a result, Tippy meets other kangaroos. Therefore, Tippy learns a lot about the different species of kangaroo and their environments. 

As a result, they meet a Tree kangaroo resting high in a rainforest tree. A pademelon on the forest floor is talking to them too. Next, the Red kangaroos are talking to the quokkas on Rottnest Island. They are surprised to get a call from the main land. After that, they meet their smallest cousin from the rainforest. It’s the Musky Rat-kangaroo. Further on, Red and Tippy meet the Rock-wallabies, which love hopping around rocky slopes. However, they also make a video call to the grazing wallabies as well. 

In addition, they meet other species of marsupials. They talk to a possum hanging around its tree. Similarly, a koala high up in its tree greeted the pair as well. After that, they make a video call to marsupials living on the ground. Firstly, they contact a cute little bilby. They also say hello to a wombat enjoying the sunshine. 

The Illustrations show the contrast of the red outback to the tropical rainforest, as well as rocky cliffs and an island. The different species vary from the tiny Musky Rat-kangaroo to the largest of them all, the Red kangaroo. 

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