Shelly the Sea Turtle


Shelly the Sea Turtle – Australian wildlife picture children book. Australian Made and Owned. Educational story & colourful glossy illustrations.

Shelly the Sea Turtle is a short beautiful children’s story. Because of it’s amazing colourful illustrations, it certainly stands out. The story includes unique Australian animals like the crocodile and the endangered cassowary. Those are characters from previous books which are: Cassy’s Tale and Nipper the Crocodile.

Shelly the Sea Turtle hatches from her egg and goes off to explore the ocean. She finds many interesting things like a shipwreck. The pictures include amazing coral and fish life illustrations. For example there are crabs, clown fish, jelly fish, sea snakes, angel and lion fish, a giant clam shell and dolphins. A peeking moray eel frightens Shelly, therefore she surfaces. Again, another surprise as she sees sky divers and coral sea kayaks in the distance. Finally, she is returning to lay her own eggs, where she had hatched.

The pictures include beautiful coral and fish life illustrations. 

The book is educational and funny. Previous titles of the Eva Books series have been very popular. 

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